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Government Grants for House Lifting

House lifting, a common mitigation practice to prevent flood damage, elevates the home to the base flood elevation or higher. It's used regularly on the hurricane-prone east and Gulf coasts, especially with beach houses and riverfront homes. The United States government relies on an insurance program to protect citizens from flood damage, so grants for flood mitigation and recovery are rare. Two such programs exist, but the government extends these grants only to communities participating in its National Flood Insurance Program.


National Flood Insurance Program

Congress established the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in 1968 to provide affordable flood insurance to homeowners. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducts flood analysis and creates flood maps, while the NFIP issues and administers the flood insurance and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) enforces mandatory purchases through banks and mortgage companies. Although any homeowner may purchase flood insurance, the federal government requires those with homes in high-risk or coastal high-risk flood zones to do so.
The National Flood Insurance Program offers a ICC (Increased Compliance Cost) grant.
Information required when applying for ICC Grant:
1: letter of substantial loss from Town….must state that home     has sustained more than 50% of it’s value in flood damage
2: Tax Assessment from Town Appraiser
3: Current Elevation Certificate
4: Color photos of house as is
5: Line by line breakdown of new elevation work including foundation work and it’s cost.

This grant may reimburse you up to $30K. You have to pay the costs upfront and then your insurance company will reimburse you. Not everyone receives the full $30K.
NFIP Dwelling Form


Flood mitigation reduces potential losses and can result in lower flood insurance premiums. Many mitigation actions, such as raising a water heater onto cement blocks, cost little. House raising, however, carries a greater cost. FEMA offers assistance through its Flood Mitigation Assistance Program and Severe Repetitive Loss Program. Individuals can't apply to these programs directly. States, tribal governments and NFIP-participating communities can apply. If FEMA awards an organization funds, it can offer grants to sub-applicants, but these sub-applicants must reside in an NFIP-participating community and they must use the funds solely for mitigation to their primary home that resides with the same community.

Recreate NY Smart Home Program

Flood Mitigation Assistance Program

1994's National Flood Insurance Reform Act created FEMA's Flood Mitigation Assistance Program to reduce or eliminate NFIP claims. FEMA awards the funds to states and NFIP-participating communities to mitigate long-term flood risks to NFIP-insured buildings, mobile homes and other structures. The program's project grants provide funds for mitigation measures such as structural elevation (house lifting) and structural purchase or relocation. Grant amounts vary annually. The agency releases updated application materials and instructions annually online.

Severe Repetitive Loss Program

2004's Flood Insurance Reform Act, an amendment to the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, created FEMA's Severe Repetitive Loss program to fund projects to reduce or eliminate long-term flood damage risks to NFIP-insured structures suffering severe repetitive loss. Severe repetitive loss refers to a NFIP-insured residential property that has required at least four NFIP claim payments of more than $5,000 each or at least two claim payments where the cumulative amount of the building claim exceeded the market value of the structure and where at least two of those claims took place within any 10-year period. FEMA makes the grants to states, territories and federally-recognized tribal governments on a cost share basis of 75 percent (federal) to 25 percent (grantee). The federal portion of the cost share may reach 90 percent for projects in states with FEMA-approved mitigation plans that include a mitigation strategy for severe repetitive loss properties. The states make sub-grants to NFIP-participating communities which administer the mitigation assistance locally. It provides an offer letter to the owner of each qualifying structure. NFIP can increase the insurance premiums of property owners declining the mitigation grant offer. Grant amounts vary annually. As with its other grant programs, FEMA provides its annually updated application and instructions on its website.
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